Ron Greenberg | About

Having earned my degree in commercial photography in 1976, long before the advent of digital technology, I am a bit of a traditionalist. I do not assemble images in Photoshop. I still choose to bring all of the elements together physically and create the final image in the camera. That way, the result is more challenging and authentic to me. 

My work is informed by an intense love of nature and a desire for connection. I do my best to express how the universe is occurring for me at the time I am shooting. 

When out of the studio I am drawn to unexplored places with a childlike expectation that I may see something no one else has seen before, or capture something in a way no one has previously observed it.

I do not title my images as I want the viewer to have their own interpretation of what they see. 

I have shown in galleries and exhibitions mostly in the Northeast U.S. as well as being an invited artist and a juror. I also studied horticulture so I get combine two of my loves in my art. I have been published in magazines and my work has been used commercially in many venues.