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Series Statements

Petal to Metal

This series started out as a study of death and dying by photographing flowers that were past the point of "perfection". even past the point when we would discard them. I discovered a unique beauty and that death has a life of it's own. It evolved into Petal to Metal by adding inanimate, rusty objects, mostly machine parts, to flowers that were still full of life. My intention was to show the juxtaposition between live flowers, the beauty they express and our attachment to that beauty, along with the "dead" parts of machines that were once "alive" and performing tasks for us, and our attachment to them as well. What's the difference? Even hardened steel wears down and rusts away. It disintegrates and returns to the earth, as all things do. We create things and imbue them with a sense of indestructibility and yet they too dissolve away into nothingness, just as our beloved, soft and tender flowers do. The lesson, for me, is to lose one’s attachment to permanence, to let go of having to believe in forever. Look around, take it all in, enjoy the moment. Hard steel, rust and of course flowers are all equally beautiful, in their own way. The beauty arises from the awareness that they only exist in the moment and that we should savor it; in the blink of an eye it will be gone. All things are beautiful as an integral aspect of a moment in time, including ourselves. It is all fleeting and all we have is right now.


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This series is an extension of my Light & Spirit series. As I continue to perfect my ability to create and control bubbles, more possibilities are opening up to me. I am having fun exploring how I can couple the bubbles with everyday objects, a total juxtaposition. While these images may not make sense at first glance, it occurs to me that the incongruity they present causes the mind to think more expansively, to ponder and maybe even create new synapses to try to figure it out. I do tend to enjoy the occasional mind game.

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Light & Spirit

This series reflects the evolution of my Sacred Smoke series. Sacred Smoke explores the beautiful and ethereal way Spirit reveals itself through the smoke of sacred herbs. Light & Spirit is an exploration of how Spirit manifests itself as light. Using soap bubbles not only represents the ethereal but also the tenuous nature of our connection with It. If we just look, rather than see, that is, let our ego make the interpretation, all we see is a soapy film surrounded by smoke. When we allow our deeper, innate senses to be our guide, we can see the elusive, gossamer nature of Spirit in the thin filament that holds the light and color that is all around us. My intention is to capture the edge of that light and color, like seeing something out of the corner of your eye, along with the transient, dance-like revelation of the sacred within the smoke. Perhaps the two together will eventually reveal more of what is at once, ever present and just beyond our grasp.


Sacred Smoke

About The Series
The web of life connects all things, animate and inanimate. All are related by the very fact that they exist in this universe, as part of creation. I believe that all things are of equal value, as each serves a role or purpose of some kind. In American Indian and many other traditions, the use of herbs and scents is common. Many are used for purification, attaining clarity and connection with Spirit, as well as, stimulating or calming various emotional states. In this series I burn sage, copal, cedar, tobacco, incense and some blends. I then photograph the resulting smoke. I find that the spirit of the herb is revealed through the many shapes and forms that appear. The smoke, for me, represents the web of life; connecting and nebulous at the same time. Each image is open to interpretation. See what appears for you.